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Bteq basic teradata query is a commanddriven utility used to 1 access and manipulate data, and 2 format reports for both print and screen output. Bteq commands in teradata provide great flexibility. For a more detailed description of the teradata database system components and their roles in processing input and output, see introduction to teradata b0351091. High validation time for baseline data issues, data quality, and other. Four great examplesways to run a teradata bteq script bteq export four types of export variations creating a bteq export script in record mode. Bteqscripts cannot retrieve all statements from the bteq files. Teradata online documentation quick access to technical manuals find teradata documentationall online.

Taradata bteq, teradata transaction modes learn teradata with simple and easy examples covering basic teradata, teradata architecture, teradata. Teradata systems can add amps for linear scalability understand that teradata can scale to incredible size amps and parsing engines pes live inside smp nodes each node is attached via a network to a disk farm two smp nodes connected become one mpp system there are many nodes in a teradata cabinet inside a teradata node. Teradata i about the tutorial teradata is a popular relational database management system rdbms suitable for large data warehousing applications. The following restrictions apply to teradata sql statements in fastexport job scripts. Bteq can be used as a query tool, to load data a row at a time into teradata and to export data off of teradata below is the example of bteq import script. Bteq can be used as a query tool, to load data a row at a time into teradata and to export data off of teradata a row at a time.

When submitting bteq requests to a teradata database, you may have noted that output is always provided with column headings and underscores, with numerics aligned to the right,characters to the left, and all output displayed in the center of the screen or report. Fastexport supports only the teradata sql statements listed in the following table except for the select statement, the supported teradata sql statements must appear either before or after an export task specification. Bteq will faithfuly execute all the commands in the file in forward only fashion. Fellow forum members, i need to buildwrite some bteq scripts to pickup data from laptop folders example e. Teradata corporation is a provider of database and analyticsrelated software, products, and services. I was wondering whether we could pass parameters to bteq script. Specifies the output file path and initiates the export. This tutorial provides a good understanding of teradata architecture, various. Search teradatas technical publications and explore our user guides, configuration guides, sql manuals, and more.

Having the shell script returning the output value itself. Teradata bteq learn teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with label. Using nexus to build your bteq scripts using nexus to build your bteq scripts. This topic describes the commands that are used in the bteq script when configuring teradata alerts. To create and execute the bteq script in teradata we have to follow the below mentioned steps step 1. Taradata bteq sample script learn teradata with simple and easy examples covering basic teradata, teradata architecture, teradata installation, teradata index, teradata space, different kinds of teradata tables, utilities, locks, sql, journals, expla etc. I wish to capture the actual teradata failure message as well. A script is built for sequences of commands that are to be executed on more than one occasion, i.

Runningexecuting bteq scripts from ms dos prompts june 28, 2007 in it. Bteq script to read and execute query from a table teradata community. Teradata sql class outline coffing data warehousing. Just like sqlplus it is a client tool that communicates with the teradata databases. Technical information on the web for technical support, additional information, or the latest versions of teradata. Bteq can be used to import data into teradata tables from flat file and it can also be used to extract data from tables into files or reports. The first command to perform the database operations generally has four parameters, 1. We have a bunch of jcl on our mainframe including references to bteq scripts and im wondering if it would make more sense to import the code in the scripts stored on the mainfraime to new procedures on teradata. Basic teradata query reference basic teradata query.

A bteq script is a file that contains bteq commands and sql statements. Hi pramod, appreciate your helpit workshowever i am facing another problem. Bteqsql query capability bteq, available as part of the teradata utility pack, is a generalpurpose, commandbased tool that enables you to communicate with one or more teradata databases. Capture the output of the stored procedure in the bteq script. After that, depending on results of sql, i need to code other shell scripting like. Stored procedures 4 bteq guidelines 5 statistics collection important information 6 macrosstored procedures 6 sample bteq script 6 naming convention for the scripts 8 btet. What do you mean by your infa compatible sqls, here. Those wont be passed to subprograms unless you directly pass them in same line, or write them to files and make the subprograms read them. After doing some research, found out a closest way to passing parameter to bteq script. Issue bteq commands and submit sql requests in a batch or interactivemode bteq session. Teradata bteq software is a generalpurpose, commandbased program that allows users on.

The company was formed in 1979 in brentwood, california, as a collaboration between researchers at caltech and citibank s advanced technology group. Bteq was the first utility and query tool for teradata. It is capable of handling large volumes of data and is highly scalable. As part of the teradata tools and utilities ttu, bteq is a teradata native query tool for dba and programmers a real teradata workhorse, just like sqlplus. Create the bteq script to create and edit a bteq script we can use an text editor or client workstationset session transaction ansi. Bteq connects to the teradata database in teradata mode by default. This is a very important feature of bteq, where you can execute the batch commands. Teradata tools and utilities is a group of products designed to work with teradata database. Employee table resides in the database named company. Using data quality stored procedures in bteq sas help center. If you are user of sqlplus in oracle then surely you would glad to know the equivalent tool available in teradata is. They cannot appear between the begin export and the end export commands of an.

Logging off from the teradata database and exiting bteq logoff command logoff example exit and quit commands exit and quit examples. In batch mode, you prepare bteq scripts or macros, and then submit them to bteq. Of course, with infa, you can load any targets, including flatfiles. These steps are either bteq commands or a single sql request. Teradata is parallel aware teradata always use all units of parallelism. Stored procedures, bteq, macros, triggers, schemaddl. Are there any concrete examples of this bteq script that i can use. The issue that i have is when a bteq file contains multil line comment style in a single line, teradata. Ive gotten the dbdodbc drivers installed and running. You can save the commands which have to be executed sequentially like a complete transaction in a file and give to bteq. This book includes over examples of all aspects of sql starting at the most basic level and going to the most advanced level with real examples that work and selection from teradata sql book. Table data could be exported bteq, fastexport to a unix file, and updated, and then reloaded into the table bteq, fastload, multiload.

The query you get will be specific to either of informatica or teradata, which you can use to process your etl or bteq scripts. I need to do some file checking on unix file system, then based on file existance, i need to run diff sql in teradata bteq. We have a bunch of jcl on our mainframe including references to bteq scripts and im wondering if it would make more sense to import the code in the scripts stored on. Teradata online documentation quick access to technical. Bteq features in teradata in teradata tutorial we wiil learn about bteq features in teradata, working with bteq interactive mode. Automated teradata to big data transformation impetus. General guidelines 8 comments in scripts 9 clean up unix and teradata environments.

Bteq provides an interactive or batch interface that allows you to submit sql statements, import and export. Following is the list of terms commonly used in bteq scripts. Basic teradata query reference 3 preface purpose this book provides information about basic teradata query bteq, which is a teradata tools and utilities product. I have the following shell scripts which execute a teradata stored procedure using bteq. Your batch script isnt a set of commands that work exactly as if they were typed in, theyre a set of commands to be executed directly by cmd. Obviously, the sqls can be executed in either of informatica or teradata. Bteq can be used both in interactive mode as well as in batch mode. Four great examplesways to run a teradata bteq script. Bteq outputs a report format, where queryman outputs data in a format more like a.

Bteq input is comprised of instructions that contain one or more steps. Basic teradata query reference teradata documentation. Importing with bteq im having a problem using bteq to import some rows into a table. Since you are saving the checkpoint at the statement level, if the bteq executions is failed, you can rerun the same bteq files from the point of failure. Bteq tool was the original way that sql was submitted to teradata as a. Bteq, short for basic teradata query, is a generalpurpose commanddriven utility used to access and manipulate data on the teradata database, and format reports for both print and screen output.

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